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Choosing the right photocopier for your business


When you’re trying to choose a new photocopier for your office, there are some key factors that you should consider. Here at Copyform we’ve pulled together the most important, to help you lease or buy a photocopier that’s right for your business.

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We bet you didn’t know these 10 surprising facts about photocopiers!


Alongside the desktop, the telephone and the water-cooler, the photocopier is the most ubiquitous piece of office equipment around. You probably don’t think there are many things about the copier that could surprise you and, to be honest, you’re probably right. Yet there are still one or two fun facts that might just take you by surprise. Here are ten of the most interesting.

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Should I buy or lease a photocopier and printer?

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If your business isn’t sure whether to buy or lease a photocopier and printer, here at Copyform we’d like to help you by detailing the benefits and drawbacks of both.

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