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In an era where education budgets face heightened scrutiny, making the optimal choice for your printing needs is of utmost significance. As educational requirements continue to evolve alongside rapid technological advancements, staying updated is crucial. Modern technology offers an expansive array of capabilities that serve as indispensable assets, empowering schools, universities, and students to surpass and fulfill their educational aspirations.

Established in 1978, Copyform provides comprehensive services for all office equipment needs. As a multi-branded company based in Leeds, we specialize in the sale and service of Konica Minolta and Ricoh multi-functional printers. As the authorized dealership and service center for Konica Minolta and Ricoh in Leeds, we deliver top-notch solutions.

Our extensive customer base includes local Government & Education Departments, Financial Institutions, SMEs, and Large Corporates.

As an independent supplier, we have the flexibility to select the optimal solution for your print and document requirements. Our service is unparalleled, offering localized support to clients in the North, while also supplying and servicing products nationwide through our network of approved dealer partners.

At Copyform, we strive to build lasting relationships and address both the short and long-term business needs of our clients. We offer straightforward agreements, a friendly and professional staff, and conscientious after-sales care, making Copyform the right choice to support your company's desires. Our expertise in delivering a complete range of photocopier, MFP, and printer solutions sets us apart from competitors.

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Colour Printers vs Mono Printers?

When selecting the perfect printer to suit your requirements, one crucial factor stands out—the option to print in color or monochrome. This decision largely depends on the specific demands of the educational sector in which the printer will be utilized.

While a color laser printer is indispensable for creating vibrant teaching materials within classrooms, a monochrome laser printer suffices for school offices, efficiently generating text documents like letters and permission slips even in large quantities.

Managed print services

As the education sector faces mounting financial pressures, Managed Print Services present a valuable opportunity for educational institutions to optimize their limited resources. Designed to cater to large-scale printing requirements, Managed Print Services provide a comprehensive solution that is perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of educational settings.

Managed Printing works by enhancing efficiency and establishing a predictable payment structure, Managed Print Services can reduce print costs by up to 70%. These services encompass an array of intelligent features that promote cost savings, including departmental budget settings and web-based portals for comprehensive printer monitoring with detailed statistics. Educators can implement cost-saving measures such as color printing restrictions and mandatory double-sided printing. With plans that offer a fixed cost per page, regardless of the content being printed, users gain full control over their print expenses.

PaperCut For Education

PaperCut, originally developed with schools and universities in mind, offers valuable assistance to educational institutions of all sizes by effectively monitoring and managing staff and student printing activities. By implementing a PaperCut for Education solution, schools can experience substantial reductions in their printing output while saving money.

Integrating PaperCut into a managed print service allows education establishments to efficiently manage pupil and departmental printing, ensuring optimal resource allocation. With the adoption of this software solution, educational institutions can expect a minimum reduction of 15% in their printing output, in line with industry standards.

Papercut for Education Services

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