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Choosing the right photocopier for your business

When you’re trying to choose a new photocopier for your office, there are some key factors that you should consider. Here at Copyform we’ve pulled together the most important, to help you lease or buy a photocopier that’s right for your business.

Small, medium or large?

Depending on the size of your business and the amount of photocopying you’ll need to do, the size of the machine that you invest in is very important. Buy one too small and it might not be able to cope with your business’s copying demands, but buy one that’s too large and you might incur unnecessarily high print and maintenance costs.

If your business is large or you are a smaller business which anticipates significant growth, it would be advisable to lease or purchase a mid to large size copier. As well as being faster, large copiers integrate more closely with a business IT system. They boast a range of enhanced functions, including the ability to copy double-sided sheets up to A3 sizes, as well as offering assistance with a variety of administrative tasks such as hole punching, stapling, sorting and collating, binding, and folding.

Mono or colour?

While some small to medium-sized enterprises buy a separate colour copier for colour prints but limit its usage, it can make more financial sense to buy or lease a machine that offers both colour and mono options. Multifunction copiers are now more affordable than ever and even small businesses should have the budget for a desktop machine that prints in colour and mono.

If your business has no need for colour copying however, a mono copier will likely provide all the functionality you need at a competitive price point.

A multifunction machine?

Multifunction copiers offer not just copying but a range of other functions too, such as printing, scanning and faxing.

Whilst cross-functionality may sound appealing, these kinds of machines are best suited to small businesses. A large business is likely to demand the higher performance and functionality offered by a dedicated standalone copier, and printer and fax.

A multifunction machine could be the ideal solution for small businesses though, particularly businesses run from home where space may be an issue.

New or old?

A key question asked by many business owners is whether to invest in a new or used machine– which will be the most cost-effective?

The cost of technology is falling and so buying a machine that may have been prohibitively expensive several years ago, may now be much more affordable. Technology has also improved over time, and so an investment in a modern copier may prove more cost effective due to the machine's increased performance.

If however your business only needs to make modest use of a copier, buying a used machine can definitely make financial sense. You will save money up front and properly refurbished copiers (i.e. machines that have not just been cleaned, but that have had all their worn parts replaced) can provide reliable service for years so long as they are properly maintained.


If you need assistance with buying or leasing a photocopier, don’t hesitate to contact Copyform today.

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