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How to choose the right printer

As the prices fall, the range increases and the quality continues to improve, you could say that there has never been a better time to buy a printer.

From quality and durability to affordability, the big brands compete fiercely with each other, which means the market is awash with choices. But having choices doesn’t make it easy to choose. So, whether you’re looking to buy for the first time or simply trade in the old printer, you’re in the right place. Here is our quick and simple guide to buying the right printer. 

Firstly, technology is a tool, so a good rule of thumb is to always assess your needs first, and then buy to meet that need second. Decide if you’re going to be printing invoices, essays or photos or a mix of all three and that will help you in your decision.


A colour inkjet printer is versatile enough to meet most needs, whether that's a pie chart, a letter or the colour Christmas photos and holiday snaps. Modern inkjet printers can usually turn out the documents at a reasonable speed that most won’t find frustrating.

It used to be the case that inkjet printers were the most expensive to run, offering a lower page yield than their laser counterparts, but this is changing so it’s worth doing a little digging on the model you like to see if you can pin down the specifics.

If you’re running a small business from your spare room, then the versatility of a colour inkjet make it the best buy for you.

One final point about inkjets, the ink used in inkjet cartridges is 90% water and the manufacturing process doesn’t use any hydrocarbon-based solvents, making inkjet printers the choice of those who care about the environment.


Laser printers are good for those who do most of their work in black and white. They are fast, cheap and often have a lower price-per-page cost than inkjets, though as stated, this is changing. You might decide a colour laser printer is right for you, but these often have a more expensive price-per-page cost. 

If you’re at university and anticipating printing a lot of essays or drafts, a laser printer is right for you.

Multi-function printer

This type of machine will print, scan and copy while giving you a variety of options for knocking out receipts, tax forms and invitations. It’s more expensive, but you will be able to get more use out of it simply because there are more uses. 

If you’re the head of a sizeable business concern, then this is the printer for you. 

Photo printers

This is a specialist bit of kit that will give your photos the depth and range you hoped to capture when you took the picture. A good colour inkjet will print your photos, but if the quality is a primary concern then this is a printer for you.

If photography is your hobby and you want to take it further, this printer is designed with you in mind. 

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